Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I had a great back workout today and leg workout last night! My hubby and kids were all sick last week and I was feeling pretty drained from being "mommy" so after I finished training my personal training clients last night I squeezed in a pretty intense leg workout at 9:15 pm.. 205 on my squats and I was feeling really good. No squat suit, belt or gloves for me...I prefer to keep my lifts my own, without help. Also, as a lot of you know, I don't go super heavy with my leg workouts because I was given some great genetics from my dad when it comes to leg development...Thanks Dad;)
My back workout today is creeping up on me fast:) I am feeling it already! 130 on Seated Rows, 110 on Free Lat Pulls and 40 lb. Dumbbell One Arm Rows.
I am also happy to report that my hubby and kids are all doing better!!
The sun is shining as spring has arrived and the trampoline is once again a fun place to play. My sister was over today jumping with Alyssa and having a blast! A week off from work was just what she needed and it was great to spend time together. As I watched her on the trampoline with Alyssa I remembered all the fun we had together growing up...I miss hearing her laugh like that:) On another happy note...
I would like to extend a very heart felt congratulations out to my dear friend Kelly, who became an aunt today! Her sister had a perfect little baby girl weighing in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. "What an amazing experience", she said glowing right through the telephone receiver. Congratulations Kelly!!! And congrat's to the new mom and dad!