Friday, March 26, 2004

Tonight I finished the choreography for two clients competing at both the Mid-Illinois Ottawa show (April 3rd), and Illinois All-Natural Rockford show (May 1st). My dance training and background definitely give me an advantage when it comes to this type of work. I do so enjoy creative projects!
I will be attending both competitions to cheer on my clients on as well as my dear friend Karen (at the Rockford show). She has shown the most incredible improvements over the last year and I feel she will be at her personal best for this show! You Go Girl!!
I have recently taken on several new in-home clients and my schedule is tight! The warmer weather sure is a bonus with camping season just around the corner...I can't wait! I will begin my more focused training this week to quicken the process back to a photographic state. My strength has not suffered a bit from my pregnancy, if anything I am stronger now. The theory about the "second child syndrome" is understandable though. It is definitely much, much more work to get 2 kids to the gym with me than one. My abdominal muscles are strong and well developed once again but my maternal layer is a bit thicker 6 months after baby Wade than with my Alyssa. It will be more of a challenge this time around but I say... Bring It On! Things are SOOO much more rewarding when you have to work for them, so I am focusing more attention on my cardiovascular workouts these days to see where I stand and where I go from here.