Tuesday, July 13, 2004

16 new photos added to my yahoo fan group (accessible from my links page). A bunch from my photo shoot with FBBWorld last month and some from our fun family weekend!
I trained bi's and tri's and did 25 minutes of cardio yesterday. Today is chest and hamstrings. I am pleased with my progress. I can see the body composition difference from even a month ago when I had my two photo shoots, and I'm even still nursing. Check out the photo from the river with my daughter, thanks for taking that when I wasn't looking Kelly:) it gives me a good idea where I am at.
My beautiful baby boy is 9 1/2 months old already!! I want to stop time as he is an angel!! The best baby, along with Alyssa, I have ever seen!! I have NO problems what so ever with him. Alyssa plays with him like I have never seen a child do at her age. He interacts and laughs, follows her around and even instigates play with her. He even rolls a ball back and forth on the floor with my husband.
I have never been so content and at peace with my life as I am now! I have everything I want and need. What better way to return to competition...with fulfillment like that...
I am ready!!!