Thursday, July 15, 2004

Today was Quads and Back for me. My squat day as well. A warm up and three sets of 10 with 205.  Then on to smith lunges and leg extensions. Lat pulls with 100 (perfect form:) and Bent over Rows for back. I was toast by that point so I finished out with 20 minutes on the bike.
I had a nice time at the river/park with my family this afternoon too. Beautiful there...I love to swing with the baby on my lap and sing him songs as he rests his head on my chest and sucks his little thumb. As pure as life gets!
My husband fought his first fire tonight!!! How exciting! I couldn't wait to hear all about it. As expected it was very exciting! Great job guys!!! Cheers to the Fire Department!
It was refreshing to see the glow in his eyes when he got home covered in ash from cleaning the equipment off.
I will be promoting the INSTONE product line beginning next month at two GNC locations in the Chicagoland area. I am excited about the opportunity to work in the supplement realm of the industry. INTAKE PERFORMANCE and INTAKE LEAN are the two protein shakes they carry that are available exclusively at GNC.
I am also looking into expanding my site to include a members area for all of you out there who are interested in my contest prep. For next year and a bunch of new photos. We'll see...if you have any suggestions feel free to e-mail them to me,
I need some ZZZZ's:) Night-nite...