Saturday, July 10, 2004

Training update...Thursday I trained shoulders and calves and yesterday was back and quads. It's been a great training week for me. My weights are moving up and I am watching my structure change week by week. I am planning to continue nursing the baby through Oct./Nov than begin my contest preparations for next year. As of now, financial means allowing, I am planning to compete in April and May at two Regional competitions in Illinois and then compete at the Jr. Nationals in June. If I can somehow muster up the money I will also give the Team Universe a shot in August. If I can't get the money together I will have to wait another year for Team Universe:(
My plan is to compete at the top of the light-heavy class and come in at 138 but more defined in my lower body and a bit more size in my upper body. I will also be doing a photo shoot with Women's Physique World and two other photographers I have yet to work with.
A lot of work ahead:) but I am anxious and ready for it after my two year break with the pregnancy and nursing.
Nationals this year should be interesting with the addition of the light-heavy class. I am interested to see how things turn out...we will see!
I am off to a great annual picnic for my dad's family... the REILLY FAMILY PICNIC! Swimming, a water balloon toss, egg toss, games for all the kids, great food and fun in the sun. Tonight my husband and the rest of the fire dept will be putting on a fire works display.
Tomorrow is the fire dept. water fights down by the river and Michael will be competing against all the other departments in the area. It should be a lot of fun, can't wait to see him in his uniform for the first time, WHOOO;) He's such a good looking man! I sure am a lucky girl!
Have a great weekend!