Sunday, August 15, 2004

Every day
People walk right up to the edge of it,
Dip a toe in,
Test the waters
And walk away.
But then something happens
You meet the right person
Next thing you know
Shoes and socks are off
Pant legs are rolled up And you're not just wadding
You're swimming!

Tim & Maria's Wedding...
What a fantastic time we had last night! Our dear friend Tim married his Italian bride at Old St. Patrick's Church and then released doves on the church steps. What a beautiful sight! Of course I was in tears for the many memories my husaband and I share with Tim. I could easily write a book! A huge thank you goes out to my in-laws for watching the kids in the morning so I could attend the ceremony and my brother and his girlfriend for watching the kids at all made my night out possible!
Here are a bunch of pictures from our fun time...Enjoy!