Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A huge thank you to Fitsights for your amazing work! Thank you for doing such a fantastic job! I have included some pretty original sections to my members area so take a look at the free "tour" button from my home page to see what I mean:) I put in an hour run yesterday, early a.m. it felt good to go for a long run like that...I swear my body responds so well to cardio...my abs are looking really great considering I am still weighing 168 and nursing. I trained shoulders today and I am busy getting my Alyssa ready for kindergarten. She starts next week!! She wants to go to Chuck E' Cheese today and I will be taking the kids to the beach on Thursday as our "good bye" to summer. She has a birthday party on Friday and a Baptismal party on Saturday as well so she will finish the summer with plenty of fun. I took some great pics late last night for my members area...here's a look at my "Midnight Shoot".