Friday, September 24, 2004

Good evening...A little update on the past few days.
My members gallery was updated yesterday with new pictures and more photos from my shoot with were post their site. These photos will all appear in my members area as well:)
Yesterday was an in-home client day so I was busy most of the afternoon, then Alyssa had gymnastics for 2 hours in the evening. The baby and I watched for an hour then went rollerblading and to the park for an hour. He had soo much fun on the slide!!
Today Alyssa had a field trip to the local library, (the kindergarten classes all walked there from school), so Wade and I went jogging and snuck a peak at her and said hello as we jogged by;) ...see the photos of Wade below:)
Then several hours at home before training back and chest this afternoon. Great workout!! I finished off with some jump rope as well. I'm just loving my wraps on back days..I am able to push myself harder because the bar isn't slipping out of my hands on bent-over rows and heavy lat-pulls. I even snuck a few pics of Nicole doing bike intervals...see below;)
Finally, I have posted two preview shots from an upcoming Members Gallery update...a request from one of my members who wanted more arm and close up shots done..well, here are a few to preview from my "Close Ups" Gallery.
Have a great weekend..I am tired!! Night-nite,