Thursday, October 28, 2004

Update For Family & Friends...
My Members' Journal has all my bodybuilding related "info" in my entry today so I thought I would give the family scoop here:)
And he's soo cute! I am one of the room mom's for Alyssa's class so I am helping with the parade and party tomorrow at her school. Wade will be in the backpack so I have my hands free to help.
Wait until you hear about my costume work I have to complete tonight...
Alyssa wanted to be a Carebear but they only make costumes for babies so I am taking her unicorn costume from last year and combining it with a $10 baby costume I found at Walmart to attempt to make my daughter a Carebear. I just couldn't break her heart and tell her she couldn't be one:)
Wade is getting a "mommy made" special this year as well...he's going to be
Super baby and I'm going to be Super mom. I figure my husband always likes to wear his superman hat so even if he doesn't realize it...he will be in costume too with his son;))
There are lots of family pictures in my gallery update this week from a wedding we attended a few weeks ago. My sister's best friend was married and she was absolutely she always is!
Got to run...I have clients.