Monday, November 08, 2004

Rockford Natural Update....
Nicole placed 3rd in her first competition and was an absolute class act on stage! I was VERY proud of her performance and composure on stage. Way to go nic!!! I have attached several pictures for all of you. There will be a "Steps To Success" gallery update in Nicole's section from her competition and a "Red" gallery update of me in the red suit my mom helped me looks great, thanks Mom!!! Kelly also came to the show with a surprise for me...I will soon be selling t-shirts of various styles on my can check out a preview below. Kelly you are such a thoughtful, creative friend...and you always keep me laughing! Thanks so much for spending Saturday with us! There are also a few great pictures of Kelly in my gallery update for this week as well:)
I would also like to express what a wonderful man Nicole's husband is! It is very difficult to watch your partner prepare for a show and go through all the ups and downs that come along with that. Mike, you have been an incredible support to your wife through all of this...I thank you and I know she has as well:))
Enjoy the pics everyone!