Thursday, December 30, 2004

13.5 Weeks out..How's my week going?....
Well, I took my 5 am. spin class Monday and Wednesday mornings this week and lifted on Monday morning (Great back workout) and Wednesday (super chest workout) late afternoon- after taking Wade to the doctor. Tuesday I had an in-home apt. and Wade wasn't feeling good so I kept him home. by yesterday I knew he needed antibiotics...sure enough he had an ear infection and respiratory cold. I didn't go lift until 4 pm. yesterday so my husband could stay with the kids.
Today...yep I finally got hit after months of fighting off everyone's illnesses...dam! It's just a head cold but I have to work at Outback the next 3 nights at 4 pm- tonight, 3 pm new years Eve and 3 pm New Years Day, then Sunday I have 4 personal training clients to train in the morning.
Am I overwhelmed..not a good enough word! I am holding my conditioning from last week of 160lbs. all the holiday carbs and missing my training due to my little guy on Tuesday and today because of me will keep me at a stand still for this week. I'll get another jump in progress next week. I am extreemly sore from my chest workout yeaterday and my legs were quite sore yesterday from the killer spin class I took at 5 am.
"When life gives you lemons..make lemonade"...anybody thirsty??I've got plenty to share:)
My members update should be up tonight,