Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Busy & On The Go...
We had a nice weekend...farely relaxing with just a few bumps in the road (but that's to be expected with kids:).
Wade came down with stomach flu Friday night and made a HUGE mess of his crib...that was fun! Poor little guy!! He's doing much better but now his daddy has caught a stream of it. I'm fighting it with every bone in my body..mom's can't get sick..it's a rule!!
We had free movie passes from a gift given to us that we very much enjoyed on Sunday. We took Alyssa to see "The Polar Express". I grew up with that book read to me every year by my mom:) The movie was exceptional...I was moved, touched and inspired...and of course I cried through a lot of it! It's a beautiful story, even if you don't have children...the magic of Christmas & Believing in the unknown is something we all poses. Go see the movie!!
My training is going well and my food cycling is working for me. I have dropped another pound since Friday even with my higher carbs and cheat meals over the weekend. Since I am starting at Outback tonight my calories will have to increase to balance out all the expenditure from running around. I'll be the annoying one in the back of the restaurant who brings a bunch of food with them to work:)
My training schedule, as posted to my members journal for this week, has been going as planned with just one minor time change for cardio on Monday...afternoon instead of morning.
Well, I have to get ready for work...I'm starting to feel drained, as it's a low carb day and Monday I did back and spin class, and today I trained chest and did 25 minutes of intervals on the rotating stairs...got to get my second wind..1-2-3 here we go!
MEMBERS: Posted to my Members Journal today,
"Finding The Power...How I Do IT"...a little insight into what propels me through!