Saturday, January 15, 2005

"All Gave Some...
Some Gave All.."

This was boldly written across a man's shirt in the gym this morning. I noticed the shirt and what it said as I was training legs. I had to go over and shake the man's hand and ask him where he bought the shirt...from a military shop some time ago he replied...he had lost several friends in Vietnam..he had that distant "look" in his know the one that tells you more than words...I have the greatest respect for our military.
They have and do sacrifice for all of us to live in this great, free country!
God Bless Each of You!
I hope you all have a great weekend...I have two parties to go to today. One with the kids and one alone with my husband..nice to go out alone!
Tomorrow I have 5 clients to train and then workout with my hubby and celebrate my dad's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!
Looking forward to my plans this weekend is what got me through my 5 am. cardio on Wed. and Fri. :)))