Thursday, January 27, 2005

I Broke The Threshhold...Below 10% B.F.
I ended up dropping 2 lbs this week with the changes I implemented with hitting my 10 week out marker. 156.5 at 9 weeks out...I am taking "Journey To The Stage" progress pics tonight for my members section so as soon as my computer has everything re-installed they will be posted to my members section.
I am pretty drained today! My back is very sore from Tuesday's workout and my chest as well from Wednesday's workout. My hamstrings are definitely feeling my straight-leg dead lifts from yesterday as well.
Tomorrow is my "Fast Friday" spin class at 5 am that just kicks my A**!!
So today I took the internal approach to contest prep. amd took a much needed yoga class after training my client this morning.
I think my training and contest prep. is unique in that aspect to other bodybuilders I know. Some of my internal approach to training comes from my dance background and some from the example of my mom:)
I am very good at tuning in to what my body needs and when...I find that taking this approach allows me to excell and progress through my contest prep. and off season training with much more ease and enjoyment!
Yoga was just what I needed today! I felt refreshed, relaxed and it eased some of my aches and pains that the type of high intensity training I do produces.
I feel it's important to take time for my inner self and I make time for this when I need it. An hour of yoga or 10 minutes in a hot tub can go a LONG way!
My "Team Abrams" girls seem to be doing well..they are 14 weeks out!
They all lead very busy lives and competing again for all of them has individual importance and meaning:)
Kelly works full-time and is the amazing woman who gets up almost every morning at 3:30 am. To go to the gym before work...not just when she gets ready for a show..all the time! I don't know how she does it!!
Karen also works full time and trains after work almost every night...she's always been more of an evening girl..:))
Nicole is a busy mommy with 2 girls and has recently decided to go back to school for her realestate she has school on top of her daily training as well.
She needs a yoga class more than I do!!
And last but DEFINITELY not least is Maryjo the very busy full time working single mother of two girls! She has conquered a lot of odds in her life and has the survival skills of all of us put together! My job is to help her direct all her experience and strength in the right direction:))
To read more on these incredible woman and see their progress check out my "Steps To Success" section in my members area!
Well, time to call a client...have a great day everyone!
By the time you read this it will be...FRIDAY! Which for most of you means more rest;)) Not for me though...I have bills to pay and trophys to bring home;)