Monday, January 24, 2005

The Little Engine That Could....
Yep...that's what I'm saying to myself every day:) It's been a while since I've given you an update on me so here goes;
I am now 10 weeks out from competition. My training is going well and I am progressing nicely.
My schedule these days with working at the Fitness Center, Apt's with my In-home clients and working at Outback along with the snow balls life has tossed my way, have made things quite challenging... but "The little engine that Could" continues to play in my head!
Where to car tuckered out on me last week as did my computer. The repairs on my car are more than our winter income will allow so my WONDERFUL mom and sister came out last Tuesday night to bring me my dad's spare vehicle ( my dad is ready for ANYTHING:))
Then over last weekend my computer shut down on me and I was certain I had lost everything...I have 2 years of photos of my 2 babies on their so I was praying there was some way to save it! friend Nicole's husband, Mike, was able to save everything for me and told me the news that I need a new hard drive...Thank you soo much Mike- you made my day by saving all those memories for me;) A new hard drive isn't the end of the world.
Alyssa was home sick from school one day last week and Wade and I have our lingering cough and lung congestion. Never the training goes on...
I still made my two 5 am cardio sessions last week and got my 5 days of lifting and 3 days of afternoon cardio in:)
As I have reached my 10 week mark my training gets bumped up another get me into the single digets with my body comp. (I'm at 10% - 158 lbs. now)
I will now be doing 3- 5 am cardio sessions along with my 5 days of lifting and 5 days of afternoon cardio. I will continue lifting heavy and begin supersetting- lower body only- this week. My wonderful doctor who delivered our big healthy boy gave me a prescription for this lingering lung cold of mine so hopefully I can finally shake it:) My lungs are clear though so nothing major..just annoying:)
Well, I have to go back and pick Alyssa up from gymnastics...
One last thing...I recieved all the tickets for my April 2nd show in Ottawa for all my family, friends and clients coming to cheer me on:)
We have the entire 5th row center section and a few in the 6th row center section as well!
God Bless You All,,,