Thursday, January 13, 2005

Quote For today...
"It isn't the great big pleasures that count the most;
It's making a great deal out of the little ones."
— Jean Webster
The blessing of a healthy spine....
This topic has been on my mind a lot in the past few days! After watching the movie "Million Dollar Baby" on Sunday and then recieving an e-mail from a long time fan this morning..I am feeling quite blessed and thankful for all I take for granted each day!!
I would ask all of you to keep Charles in your thoughts over the next few days...he was in a serious car accident that damaged his C6 and thankfully, he will recover fully!!!
He will spend 8-12 weeks in a neck brace and his competition plans for this year will have to wait. My how lucky you are I wrote to you- there is a REASON for you to be here!!
As for me..I am the busy, busy mommy, working woman and athlete!
I didn't fully recover from working all weekend at Outback and training clients on Sunday until Monday, after a great 2 hour nap with the baby. I had a great workout Monday afternoon with 20 minutes of interval cardio before getting dinner ready and Alyssa back and forth to gymnastics:) She's soo awesome!!
Tuesday, I had clients in the morning/afternoon, went to lift in the late afternoon and then got dinner ready and had an evening in-home client as well. My WONDERFUL mother came out to watch the kids for me since my babysitter couldn't come and my hubby started his next class for the fire dept.- which he is doing an amazing job with..I am soo very proud of him-
I truely believe this is the next calling in his life! He's teaching me a thing or two as well:)
Today, I had 4:45 am. spin class and then came home and crawled into bed with Alyssa for an hour before getting her ready for school- I was beat! After playing with Wade a bit and spending time visiting with my hubby- (rain day) I took a two hour nap with the baby so I could get through my workout and working at Outback tonight until after 11 pm.
I trained chest this afternoon and then went grocery shopping before picking Alyssa up from her "Daisy" meeting and then time for me to go to work.
Michael got to be Mr. Mom tonight- making dinner and doing the crazy drive back and forth with the baby for Alyssa's 2 hour gymnastics class.
He is an incredible father...he gives to our children all the things I don't...I am blessed and so are our kids- they have a little of everything between the two of us:)
One of the highlights I must share with you is something small, but precious.
Each day I go to workout and my son goes to play with the babies in the nursery for about an hour..II must tell you, one of the high points of every day is when I have finished my training and I have his beautiful smile waiting for me...his giggle and bright face that seem so much like Alyss'a when I used to bring her as a baby. The greatest joys in life are in the simplest of things.
The way he looks at a little tree and allows it to tickle his face, laughing uncontrolably...the way he laughs when I jog through the parking lot with him to the car...and the way I feel when I look back in my rear view mirror and know, without a doubt, that someday, sooner than I realize, there will be a man before me where my baby boy once sat;)
I try to take it all in as much as I can...but we can never take in enough- oh how I love being a mother and how I treasure the joy of fullfilling my dreams and theirs', while their hands' are holding mine.
None of it would have as much power or meaning without them.
Speaking of meaning- let me tell you...I have 18 of my closest family, friends' and clients coming to my April show...that's what it's all about- the people who are there for you, no matter what!
I leave you with a photo of one of my energetic clients that will be added to the Steps To Success area of my members area this week. Sandra has inspired me by her hard work and renewed belief in herself!
You go girl!!