Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Februrary 1st....The sun is peaking out from the clouds:)
As the 1st of February has arrived I find myself taking a deep breath and LONG exhale!
I think the worst of things for us this winter are coming to an end:) This weekend was just h*** on me...Sunday I really fell apart and was just so over tired and runned down. I went to sleep by 7:30-8 pm. All the details are posted in my members journal.
The weather has improved and the temperatures are rising..my hubby went back to work Monday and my fingers are crossed that the good weather continues! The schedule I've been keeping has been crazy but somehow I have managed to get it all accomplished...with a lot of strength from above and the will to not give up!
My training progress is outstanding...I am 8 1/2 weeks out and will have my body comp done again on Thursday- it's been a month again. I feel I will be ready 2 weeks out for sure..which was my plan all along:)
My computer is all reformatted and in working order- only my digital camera formatting is unfinished. new pictures will be in my members area this week:))
Well, early am. cardio run this morning went well and now I've got to get Alyssa to school and off to train my clients this morning and this evening.
Have a Wonderful Day!!

P.S. A big Hugg sent to my mother-in-law..I know you need one today:)))