Saturday, February 26, 2005

It's My Birthday!!!
So...what does it mean to be 30:
My mom once told me long ago I was her "diamond in the rough", and that time would unfold the gem I was within.
I was going through a very difficult time when she wrote that to me as a teenager- and now, so many years later, I find myself looking back at myself and finally seeing the "diamond" she had seen all along!
Funny how mother's (and fathers) can see things it takes years for us to find for ourselves:)
30 is often said to be a that brings great distress for some and great satisfaction to others. On this day I am filled with gratitude and fullfillment for the life I have grown into. For the people that have blessed my life over the years. For the man who stands by me through hell and high water and the two children that bring so much purpose to my life.
I can honestly say I am where I wanted to be at this point in my life!
I do what I love and I am making a living doing so. I found a way to bring my passions to my everyday life, and I have found a way to keep "me" while becoming a mother.
Life is a grand adventure and this year's adventures will be something to remember always...I wanted my 30th year to be a big one and that it will be!
I thank all of you for supporting my dreams and for keeping my spirit alive!
I have a fantastic day planned tomorrow so I better get some sleep for my fun filled day and evening!
My members area will be updated with my birthday gallery next week;)
May each of you find the blessing of gratitude in your lives...