Monday, February 28, 2005

Quote For Today...
"There is no doubt that running away
on a fresh, blue morning
can be exhilarating."
- Jean Rhys

The early morning the sun was just peaking up from the horizon I took off on a morning run. The fresh snow was crisp upon the tree branches as my feet slushed through the melting snow on the pavement.
The air was cool and still...three deer crossed my path in the distance and our eyes made contact as I glided by.
There was something exquisite about this morning...maybe it was the freshly fallen snow, maybe it was the incredible weekend I had, or maybe it was the peace that was within me.
Preparing for a competition takes me on an internal journey...everytime.
There are things I experience that I can't quite explain...
things that renew my faith...
things that challenge my core.
Today I was everything I believed I could I wish I could bottle that, and pass it on to the people in my life who need it!
Happy Monday Everyone!