Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Fun News....
Last week as I finished my workout for the afternoon, I was approached by a female photographer for a suburban newspaper called, "The Pioneer Press" make a long story short, she wants to write a story on me...a documentary of sorts...a day in the life of- me- as
I juggle my work, home life and my training/dieting. (What an honor and opportunity!) We will be meeting next week for an interview and then shooting some photos in the gym following that.
I will keep you all posted and of course, a copy of the article and the photos will appear in my members area;)
More good news...seems my personal training business has increased. I will be taking on a few more in-home clients as well as doing choreography for an up and coming female bodybuilder and possibly helping another client prepare for the Rockford Natural, in May..along with the other "Team Abrams" girls:)
Winter was tough but it seems my life has been that much more blessed with opportunity and possibility because of that! I will be able to go down to just one night a week at Outback as well..because of my increased clientel..great news!! Don't know how happy Ouback will be though...:0
All, or most, of my new clients will also appear in my "Steps To Success" section of my members area as well. I meet with 'Team Abrams' this week so all my girls;) will have new progress pics in my members area as well.
(Kelly, Karen, Maryjo and Nicole)
A shout out to Nicole tonight...I hope your test is going well!!! She has her 1st BIG realestate exam tonight...she has been studying 24/7!! I know you will do well:))
Another shout out to Kelly..who looks just beautiful, as always, ...after coming back from her Cancun vacation..she really deserved that time away;)-picture below:)
One more..:) Maryjo your progress is fantastic and I am soo proud of you! Just keep believing;)
Update tomorrow in my members area..