Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Quote For Today...
"Faith is what makes life bearable,
with all its tragedies and ambiguities
and sudden, startling joys."

— Madeleine L'Engle

Holding The Household Together
While 10 Days Out From Compeition.....
I awoke this morning at 3:45 and finally rose from bed at 4...I chose to give up an early morning cardio session to meet with one of my in-home's that won't be able to meet with me this evening. The past 9 days I haven't missed an early morning cardio:) So as I walked in the house after her training session I knew the day was going to be, "one of those days" ..I could smell the odor of 'stomach flu' from the baby I gathered, walking in the front door;(
Yep, I was right..the bed sheets and he were covered from head to toe in a diaper disaster! So it was in the bath, bleach the bed ext. ...Wondering why my husband wasn't awake yet for work I soon heard the reason details needed! He was sick too! Then to find out the sheets and blankets I had put down the laundry shoot to be cleaned asap..the dog had eaten through..dirty and all!!
Sooo then the baby made another diaper disaster while I was getting Alyssa ready for school...and it was back to the tub...
Alyssa managed to make the bus and leave with a smile.
I on the otherhand was trying to figure out how I was going to make my eggs and clean up the dishes while Wade clung to my leg screaming and my husband was sick on the couch.
This is one of those moments every mother has..when you just want to lay on the floor and cry yourself....but we can't, and we somehow pull it together and pick up the baby in one hand, make eggs in the other and then 'switch' to do the dishes all while the baby wines for everything in sight that resembles a "ball";)
Needless to say, I have had to re-arrange my client appointments today from 2 apt's to 1 so that I am only gone while the baby sleeps.
Then I am hoping since he's not feeling good I can get him to nap again later, so I can go to the gym...if not I wil be putting myself behind and I will be doing kickboxing and posing at home when he goes to sleep. My hubby has fire dept. responsibilites tonight..if that is, he can get well over the course of the day.
I'm thankful that it's a carb day for me!! A little blessing after 5 low days!
Thank you.. to the man upstairs for waiting until a carb day to test my will!!!!:)
So it's the final 10 days and it's time to use my creative gifts to find a way to get my training done and stay crystal clean with my contest diet all while taking care of my sick family..the last 2 weeks are critical!
Time to go get pedialite and Gatorade for the two sick one's and then time for the baby to nap so I can go meet with "Janelle" of " Team Abrams"!
Bob, ( one of my long-term clients:)...thank you for being so understanding
when my life gets crazy!