Friday, April 01, 2005

My Heartfelt "Thank You's"...
Over the past 18 weeks I have thought a lot about the incredible people in my daily life. I want to share with all of you the people who have helped me through my "Journey To the Stage"...
I suppose I will start from the beginning...back to when I first decided on my competition plans for this year. It was a short while after having our son, nursing several times a day and still holding onto that post baby figure:)
My members area had just opened up and my very best girlfriend without a blink of an eye joined as my first member. I can still remember our conversations and e-mails and the confidence in her voice as to what my future would hold. Kelly, you have been my cheerleader since the day I met you! Thank you for being the friend I can count on no matter what. Thank you for your belief in me, the website t-shirts you made for me;), the gift of paying for one of my posing suits and for the meaningful cards you always send...
I have waited my whole life for a girlfriend like you!

My Aunt Pam was the very first person to donate a contribution to my contest preparations way back at the beginning. Pam, you will always be '"frans' "to us:)) You have the eye of detail and a heart of gold...I am soo excited for you to see me perform on Saturday!

My 5 am spin instructor and Saturday morning kickboxing instructors who made cardio an enjoyable task over the past 5 months...Thank you so very much!!

Thank you to my most supportive member, Evan!! For your donations to my contest prep and your witty poems and jokes:) For your constant encouragement and motivation...
You have brightened my journey and lightened my load;) Thank you!

To my favorite pregnant client, Terese...the most generous, giving and fun person I know!
You are now several days overdue with your baby girl and I am thinking about you and your journey a lot lately:) Where you started and all the wonderful things that have unfolded in your life since we met a year and a half ago. You have the gift of laughter that brings a smile to my face each time I meet with you. Thank you for helping with my posing suit costs, for your continued business and for your words of encouragement for me as I was encouraging you!

Thank you to Bogusia, my client from Poland, who is coming to my show with her entire and all, to cheer me on! You are the essence of femininity...I have enjoyed our conversations and your committment to better inspire me to be healthy;)
Thank you also for broadening my horizons about it is part of my heritage as well:)

Karen, thank you for coming to my house tonight and for driving me to the competition tomorrow!! You have always been my fun friend that shares in my love to go out dancing and intensity for athletics! You and I go way back and over the years we have had so many memorable times together..are you ready for another bodybuilding weekend together...whoooya!!!:))

Thank you to Sandra for the decaffinated teas that made my evening cravings/hunger a bit more bareable;)

Nicole, for treating me to a body wrap 3 months ago and then for the treat of paying for another one for me this week before my competition. Thank you for your generosity and for bringing some peace and serenity to my final week of preparations. I can't wait for you to see the show on Saturday and for us to have some time to visit...having 2 children we both fly past oneanother in the gym as we say our hello's:) By the way, that incredible carrott cake is on the menu next week for me so if you have a cheat day left we definitly should go grab some together!

To my Sister, Michelle...Thank you for helping me out with the kids this week and paying for me to get my nails done for the show! What a great gift. Thank you for taking Alyssa for a sleep over and for just being the caring sister and friend that you are! I often think of you with great admiration and are one of the classiest woman I know!!
By the way...thank you sooo much for the book to read these past 2 weeks of cardio.."The Wedding" was a great book and 'The Notebook" was even better! I am so happy you are coming to share the excitement of Saturday with me...chocolate- yummmm!!:)) My sister is one person who really knows about my love of food!
I also can't wait to cheer you on at your 10k race on the 16th!!

MaryJo and family, Phil and your wife...thank you for coming to see me perform...your presence there is flattering and motivating!

To my in-laws, Gary and Paula...for being the supportive and helping hand whenever things get tough! You are both exceptional people and your love and committment to what is most important in life inspires me beyond words!! Thank you for your help over this past, very hard made soo many things possible for us!! I love you both!

To my Dad, who is a man of few words when it comes to expressing his feelings:) But somehow over the past few weeks you have managed to make me feel so important and loved! It was the littlest of comments that you made... that let me know how proud of me you are and your faith in how well I'm going to do! The excitement in your voice when I told you about the photojournalist who was doing a story on me was something I will never forget!! You have know idea how much your reaction ment to me...I have always wanted you to be proud of me for the creative/ artist things I love to do! Thank you so very much for paying for our hotel room for this weekend as well!!! So much appreciated:)) I love you Dad!!

To my Mom, the only person in this world who could step in my shoes and fill them without a doubt or a question!! When I say phenominal woman...I mean phenominal woman!!
Mom, you have been the person who I have called apon to watch the kids, over and over again... to help with my creative sewing projects;), my person to share all my creative ideas with and the woman I admire most in this world!!!
There is no question in my mind that I am at this place in my life because of who you are and what you have passed on and taught me. You exemplified to me that it is possible to have children and still keep yourself and your dreams alive. You blessed me with the energy and stammina for my "do it all" mentality:)) You showed me how to be a being the amazing mother and woman you are!
You are the person who will emotionally give me Saturday what noone else will;)) You will shed tears and tell me from your heart how proud you are of me...your spirit is so much a part of me each and every day!! Thank you for ALL that you have done to help make this journey possible for me! I love and cherish you!

My Alyssa and Wade:)) The two bright, shinning stars in my eyes that make everything worth while! You take me away from my intensity and my drive to the simple truths life is made up of! You have both made me a better person because of what I learn from each of you on a daily basis. Thank you to both of you for being incredibly patient and helpful with mommy's schedule over the past 4 months!! You have both smiled and cooperated better than any other children I know. Alyssa, you and I have a special bond that is magic...there are momments I look at you and remeber the relationship and fun I had with my mom! Thank you sweet heart for all the things you do to make mommy feel special and for being the BEST photographer there is!!!!
You have definitely earned some spoiling next week for all the photos you have taken for me...and for helping mommy paint her tan too:)) I love you so much Alyssa!!
Wade, my beautiful baby boy! You are the miricle that happened to our lives and your face reminds me each day of the love I have for your daddy..there is so much about you that reminds me of him;) Your laughter is breathtaking and your strong personality is beginning to remind me of myself:) Thank you for all the kisses and love I so treasure!! I love you!

I saved the most important thank you for last.....
To my husband and best friend, you are the sole reason I am able to "have my cake and eat it too" as you say:) Balancing a family with two children and competing would never be possible without all the help you provide me and the kids!! You are the father to our kids that I dreamed teach me how to be a better parent and you are always so easy going with the "little things" in life! Your disposition and understanding of "me" has made my dreams and a family possible!! Thank you for not caring when the dishes were stacked in the sink and the laundry wasn't's never done is it:) Thank you for ordering food for dinner because I was too tired to cook. Thank you for knowing when to say nothing at all and when to speak have always been the voice of reason and reality in my life- even when I didn't want to hear it.
Thank you for all your help this winter with EVERYTHING that I needed help with. I felt somtimes like the tornado that would come whirling in and out and you were always the calm water that picked up the pieces from my disasters I left behind....
Thank you for ALWAYS loving me for who I am and not what I am. Thank you for being happy, because I am happy, even if I am not making things easy on you.
There is noone else in this world I would rather spend the day having fun with!
Thank you for choosing to spend your life with me...each and every day!
I love you beyond words!!

I am overcome by emotion right now for the blessings in my life!
Tomorrow is the big day;) Thank you to all of you for following my "Journey To The Stage"!