Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"Buff Mom"...
"Bodybuilder balances family life with grueling training"
Story and Photos By Michelle Loehmann

This was the title of the article that appeared in the "Cary-Grove Countryside" Pioneer Press newspaper last Thursday, May 12th:)
Including 9 photos displaying what really goes into my contest preparations while balancing my life as a wife, mother and professional.
To say the article has been "the talk of the town" is putting things lightly:) It's been fun! Our neighbor even came over with a dozen eggs to help with my contest prep. Thank you to the Millers...you guys are great!!
My hubby of course is hearing most of it, as part of our incredible fire dept!! You want to talk about dedication, commitment and sacrifice...that's the group of individuals to interview...although they are all too humble for that;)

The past week, following my 2nd Overall win for the year:), was spent eating some great food and catching up on some much needed rest. Of course I still had two early mornings, up at 3:15 am. to meet with my incredible biking client...there just aren't too many people who would get up at that hour to bike outside for an hour before going off to a 10 hour work day. That is what makes my career so exciting..I have the opportunity to meet and work with so many different people!

I weighed in at my last competition at 146 lb. (that is dehydrated). I am returning to my contest dieting at 159 lbs.- 5 weeks out from Jr. Nationals. This is exactly where I was after a week off from dieting and early morning cardio from the Ottawa show as well. I had my first few days of 'food withdrawal' as I like to call it:) This is when I mourn the loss of all the yummy food I can no longer eat. After 2 days I get into the game, so to speak, and things become more bearable.
So the "Journey To Jr. Nationals" begins as I give it my all to make the top 5.

Today was very busy as I resumed meeting with one of my in-home clients who just had a new baby girl 6 weeks ago! I took pictures today for my members update, what a beautiful baby girl...Terese's story and pictures can be found in the "Steps To Success" section of my members area. Her adorable baby girl was born just two days after I won the overall in Ottawa...what a week that was for both of us!
I am so excited to be meeting with her once again...she is someone who truely has blessed my life as much as I have inspired hers. She was also one of the clients who was interviewed for the newspaper article.
The mother of 3 1/2 year old twin boys and now of a 6 week old newborn!!
WOW...What an Outstanding Woman!

I was also blessed today by the fitness center that I train at on Sundays! They purchased new spin bikes and were selling the old ones to employees who wanted them for $75 ...WHAT A BLESSING!! This means I can sleep in an extra 2 hours because I won't have to drive all the way to the health club for early morning cardio. I am taking this as my little "sign" from above that I can make it through more contest prep. this year;)
Thank you soo much to everyone at the fitness center for making my life that much easier!!
Well, time to hop on that bike and get my cardio in...I had apt's with clients all day and then made dinner and cleaned up the mess. The dog ended up helping a little too much...hope he doesn't get sick from sneaking all that chicken off the table!
Have a great evening!