Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Letter From A Fan/Two Future Clients...
I recieved two letters from two incredible woman yesterday that really touched me. I posted one of them to my members area along with photos she took of me performing my "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" routine in Rockford..she and her husband came to cheer me on!
I am posting a portion of the letter fom the other woman here...
This was actually a letter from one of the photographers at the Rockford show who I will now be working with and preparing for competition in November:) Hopefully she will allow my members to follow her progress in my members area:)
Here are a few bits and pieces of her letters to me;

"Jennifer I just wanted to say you ROCK girl! My friend that was at the Rockford competition informed me you had a website, I had to check it out!
I hope you don't find this insulting but I can see why they pulled you for drug testing, girl you look great! Its a pleasure to know its all natural!"

"Jennifer the reason I am seeking you out for personal training is
#1 you have the exact look I want (but I don't expect this overnight or even in the time between now/November), I am not one of those women that are afraid to lift heavy for fear of getting to much muscle, that is EXACTLY what I want, MUSCLE but natural muscle.
#2 while I loved my previous trainer, he was awesome, he was also a guy, and had never been in a bodybuilding competition before.. so he could train me but had no idea how to prep me for a BB show.
He was a power-lifter, you are a bodybuilder.
#3 you seem to be such a down to earth person, dedicated to the sport but more so your family, I respect that very much."

George got your DVD out last night! He did a little something extra special for you on the cover of the DVD at my request. I hope you like it when you receive it. He can't do it for every competitor as it would make the process of getting them out that much longer, but for one he can make it possible. "

Thank You!!
Thank You To Pradel Productions for doing a great job video taping
the Rockford competition!

To contact them visit for information:)