Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Quote For Today...
"It is difficult to experience moments of happiness
if we are not aware of what it is we genuinely love."
— Sarah Ban Breathnach

I am sickened and disterbed....
By the events in the news recently reguarding several children's deaths! Several weeks ago in a suburb not far from where we live there were two young children..a little girl 3 years old and a little boy 8 years old who were BRUTALLY murdered by their mother. The father, who was a minister, came home to find both his children stabbed hundreds of times by their mother.
The amount of suffering and horrific fear those two children must have endurred sickens me to the core!!
Then just this week was the story of the father, just released from prison 30 days ago, who in a rage, murdered his 8 year old daughter and her friend over a minor argument about being grounded!!
I have NO comprehension or sympathy for either of thease adults and in my opinion they should be treated with the same reguard they treated their children! What on EARTH makes a person brutally harm a child...the most innocent little person, full of trust, dreams and love???
I studied psychology for years but I think in these cases all the psycho mumbo jumbo goes out the window as to just 'how sick' the parents were or what they came some point people need to be responsible for healing themselves and doing what it takes to make things right in their own lives no atter what they grew up with!
I have not stopped thinking about those two little children killed by their mother since I heard the story, I have held my babies a little longer and closer because of it ...for I could NEVER imagine hurting them! A parents' instinct is to come running to the aid of your child when they are hurt...never inflict the hurrendous, unimaginal hurt these parents did....
I am sickened!
I ask each of you to hug your children today and tell them how much they are loved...
they are the future!