Thursday, June 16, 2005

24 Hours Until Weigh-In...
WoW this week flew by! I had so many odds and ends to take care of; my creative projects with my clothing for photo shoots, getting the house in order, laundry and mowing the lawn for my hubby (as an early Father's Day gift:), juggling the kids of couse, applying tan and posing and then one of my photoshoots yesterday. I didn't have anyone to watch the kids so we set up the backdrop in my living room..have to get creative when you're a mom;)
This shoot was for the pictures are going to be great! Just wait!
I am also writing an article for teir site on my comback for 2005 after having our second child.
That's one shoot down and 5 more to go!!! So much fun and excitement...boy am I going to be tired after this weekend! I have a bit of a chest cold and so does Wade so my voice is horse;(
So if any of you are coming to see me no laughing at my funny sounding voice:)
I sound like a frog..LOL!
From my scale at home it looks like I am already 145-146 lbs. so who knows what I'll be by tomorrow...I may make the light-heavy class afterall?? I'm not changing my prep. plan no matter we'll just see what happens.
Another bit of exciting news I have yet to post here in my free journal; I have been asked to guest pose/perform November 12th in Chicago for the Kevin Noble All-Natural that usually takes place in Rockford. Dave Riley (who was a trophy presenter at the May show) will be guest posing as well. Kevin actually e-mailed me well wishes for this weekend and said that Dave would be at the competition this weekend with a group of friends and that they would be cheering for me. Thanks Guys!!!
Hearing the audience go crazy when you step up on stage is an incredible feeling:)
The pictures from the May show are posted to the site and my picture will be posted to the front of the site in just a few weeks. Wow..again...what a year!!!
I have a bunch of things to get done of which is to pack the kids' bags and take them to my parents' house for the weekend. Since my mother-in-law was in the hospital (yahh she is finally home..Big hugs to Paula:), my parents' will be bringing the kids with to the pre-judging tomorrow night. Oh I hope they are good!! So if you see two cutie-pies there, they are ours;)
I'm not sure if my hubby is coming with me tomorow during the day or not..they may not be able to do without him at work..he's the lead-man and there are a lot of new guys out there.
I'm just glad he'll be at the Friday night pre-judging and if I make the finals--cross those fingers:), then he'll be done with school in tme to be there Saturday as well.
I have to thank sooo many of you for your incredible support over the past few weeks! This week alone I have recieved over 50 e-mails from people wishing me good luck! If I had more time I would post some of the wonderful things some of you wrote to me...but I just can't get to
So...I am excited and ready!!!
I will post Friday night after pre-judging...
My members area wil be updated tonight with some photos and how things are going with my water drop.

P.S. I also need to thank all my family, friends and clients, ( new and long-standing) who are taking the time this weekend to come to the show and cheer me on!! I don't think you know how much that means to me!! You are all so thoughtful and I am blessed to have each of you in my life!