Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Very Special Night Tonight...
7 years ago tonight, on Father's Day, I married my best friend in the world! Through the ups and downs, very difficicult years and the unbelievably happy years of the 11 total, Michael and I have shared...I have come to realize how much he has blessed my life! With unconditional love, support, opportunity, possibility, security, challenge, reality, excitement, laughter and fun!
Our life together is a gift...one that my husband and best friend never once took for granted or gave up on...he believed in me and in us even when I did not.
For that I will forever be greatful...for our life, our family and our love!
We watched our wedding video with the kids today and of course I cried...I think I always will:) There is an innocence between the two of us then, that can not be explained...we are going out alone as soon as my hubby returns from taking a big exam at school- so I have posted some great contest shots by the exceptional
Gene X Hang of www.orangexposure.com and www.ftvideo.com. while I wait.
The rest of the photos are posted to my members journal along with other candids:)
Jr. Nationals 2005...