Friday, July 29, 2005

All The Best To Elena
and Amanda At The USA's!!!
One of the biggest national NPC shows is taking place this weekend in las Vegas..the USA's! There are so many incredible athletes competing in this may end up being bigger than nationals this year:))

This competition is also one of the 4 (The Masters Nationals for the first time gave out a pro Card Robbin Parker last weekend) that female bodybuilders can earn a pro card. Only the overall winner earns pro status..that's one card at each show to give out. These 4 shows are;
The USA's, Nationals, Masters Nationals and Team Universe (Team U. is the only drug tested national show).

I am posting pics of the two girls competing this weekend that I have had contact with in the past and find to be quite inspiring; Elena's full time job and running the New Jersey NPC website and Amanda's full time school comittment and clinical hours in the hospital. These women know how to push to get it all done, and they know how to juggle...I know it all too well!
It's easy to have nothing else in your life to focus on but competing, but when you hold down a job, school, have children and soo many other things going on...well, it's a different level of committment! These are also two athletes I believe will earn great placings at this show.
My pic without question for this year's USA overall winner and pro is Ms. Elena Seiple!
You have earned it E!!!!
A few pics below:)