Monday, July 18, 2005

"Super Size She" - The Joanna Thomas Story on TLC...
I just finished watching the documentary IFBB Pro Joanna Thomas did with TLC a while back. I was on a weekend family vacation when it aired - Thank you to Kim B. for giving me a copy to see it;)
I have a few things to share after watching it;
From the beginning I found myself relating to many aspects of her drive, determination, view of her bodybuilding as art in the human form, and the rigors of training and dieting..... but there was also a lot that is so different for me. The things I found to be different are also the things that I believe will allow me to be successful in my athletic pursuits but also my

"life-long" pursuits.
I was moved to tears several times as I saw her will to "be the best" weigh heavy on her parents' faces. This sport is one that effects everyone around the athlete...I suppose at a certain level this is true of all sports/athletes.
I think what made me appreciate my own decisions the most, while watching this documentary, was looking at my choices; to remain natural, to have a family first, and allow my professional career and bodybuilding career to transform and develope, while still balencing my family life- with my husband and family's help of course;).

Most Professional and national level female bodybuilders who go to the top of the sport don't have children ...I believe "Jeannie Paparone" is the only IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder at present who has a son about 6 years old. I appoligize if I have forgotten anyone!
The drive to be the best "you" is a unnanimous similarity between all female bodybuilders I think, but some are willing to risk everything to get where they want to be... while others are not willing to risk the price.
It is so easy to get wrapped up in yourself and your "goal" when preparing for competition. It is another even greater challenge, in my opinion, to "throw on the breaks" and give yourself a reality check as you progress through the process.

Attempting to balence the extreems of competing with reality is quite a challenge!
My hope for the sport of women's bodybuilding is that it transforms into something respected and inspiring to both men and women- and also attainable to female athletes who also want to maintain their health and femininity by remaining Steroid free. The way things have been..the Olympia stage is not possible without them. I think the popularity of the sport will return if the drugs are, by choice, disguarded and the athletes embrace the best they can be, without the drugs...but the judging needs to reflect this change or it will never happen.
I think the 20% reduction in muscularity that was mandated into the woman's judging criteria was an attempt at cleaning up the sport of the drug use.
It was a very interperative attempt and difficult to determine, but an attempt non the less.
The NPC has recieved a lot of critism but my opinion is..they are making an attempt to change things...there still is soo much more that needs to be done in the marketing dept. but "baby steps" may just be the way to go.
Over the weekend I recieved the flyers and posters for the natural NPC competition I will be guest posing at November 12th. This flyer for the first time is marketing woman's bodybuilding...and I am so honored and proud to be part of that!
Never in the history of the Rockford Natural, that I am aware of, has the flyer had a female bodybuilder versus a figure competitor on the inside cover of the registration form..or a female bodybuilder guest posing that I am aware of!
I commend Kevin Noble for taking the chance with me;) and for stepping up to the plate to market woman's bodybuilding...Kevin I thank you!
The site will be updated soon to include a photograph of Dave Riley and I ..we will both be guest posing for the show in Novemeber!!:)
More of my thoughts on "Super Size She" in my members journal tonight;)