Sunday, August 07, 2005

Debbie Patton...
Is The New IFBB Pro!!
I just recieved word from Colette!! Congrats Debbie!!
She and I actually competed together in 2002 at the Rockford Natural.
Her win at the Team U just fuels my fire for this show next year even more!
Colette said they were both talking tonight about me and how they both feel it's my show next year. They think I could win it!! What can I say to such a compliment except..WOW.. thank you to both of you for the belief in me!
To think I have actually come this close to pro status is such an honor.
It really makes me reflect back on the years of training, the sacrifices made to compete and what it all means, to me.
There was a line in the movie, "Million Dollar Baby" that really hit home for me..
it was something to the effect of ...
" A Winner is someone who follows a dream that noone else sees"
I know the wording isn't exact but this is what it means to me;
following the fire within yourself to reach a destination..may it be the top of a hill (Quintin), a 26.2 mile marathon(Michelle), getting out of bed at 4:30 to do cardio for the 5th straight day(Kim B.), or getting up with a sick baby for the 8th time in the same night (Terese).
It's about seeing the finish's about having a's about finding your inner strength to pick yourslef up off the floor and looking yourself in the eye and believing you are capable of so much more than what everyone else sees...that belief and that inner power is what gets things done in this world. That strength is why babies are born, children are brought up to be incredible adults, our country is protected, our streets are safe and we have someone to answer when we pick up the phone and dial 911...
It's about becoming a hero to yourself whether other people see it or not!
Don't wait for someone to bring you go out and plant your own garden..and if by chance others recognize it's beauty..all the better..
if not it's beauty remains!!