Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fun Filled Weekend!!
We had a great time this weekend...busy and very fun!
Friday after training my clients I took the kids swimming at the pool before my late evening apt. The pool is great in August..noone is there!! (pic below)
Saturday Alyssa had a birthday party at a gymnastics studio for one of her school friends. They had a blast and her friends are all so fun! (See pics below)
The next stop on Saturday was to my friend's 30th Birthday Party..Hawaiian style:) It was a GREAT party..I had pina colada's and margarita's..yummy! Have to live up my last weekend before my guest posing prep begins;)
Happy 30th Candi!! Doug, her husband, did an incredible job..we were all so impressed how much planning and work he put into the day. You made Candi sooo happy Doug!!! (pics below)
Then we droped the kids off at grandma and grandpa's house and we were off to a wedding reception for one of my clients..Diane and Mike were finally getting married..bringing together 9 children to form their family together!!
The two of you deserve the happiness in your lives and I wish you both the best!
We even ran into another couple that Diane is very close with, who used to compete. I actually train at the same location as him and he just congratulated me on this year's success last week at the gym..wild! (pics below)
Some time away from the was really nice to just have a conversation without being interrupted and hearing screaming in the background. We even got to sleep in and go to lunch alone this afternoon...What a treat!

I am anxiously waiting to hear the results of the Team U and when I get word and pics I will post them to my members journal.
Until next time,
(Lots of Pics below)