Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Small Piece...
From my lengthy "Weekend Retreat" post in my members area journal....

What I took away from my time alone was a sence of who I was again.
Time to remember how beautiful life is and how it's so easy to get overwhelmed and oversceduled to the point you feel like you are loosing yourself in the process.

I have a career that requires a lot of personal and emotional energy.
I LOVE that about my work and I would have it no other way! People absolutely fascinate me!!But with that, along with raising two children..requires an abundance of energy, inspiration and creativity to be the best personal assett to my clients and the best parent to my children.
Giving myself this little break made me remember how important it is to replenish the "well" so you have the water to share with all those in your life!

I want to make a difference...
When it's all said and done I want my existance and my life to mean something..not only to my husband, our incredible children and my family but also to the lives I touch and impact along the way of my career as a personal trainer/coach and as a competitive athlete.
Our connections to eachother and the natural beauty around us is what life is all about!
Find time to "renew" yourself this week..it will make such a difference!!