Thursday, August 04, 2005

Team Universe Is This Weekend...
Another Pro card will be awarded to the overall women's winner..who will it be?? Will Debbie Patten win the middle weight class again or compete as a heavy this year??
I'll keep ya posted...
I have a very busy fun weekend ahead..3 party's Sat!!
Next week I start preparing for my guest posing appearence Nov. 12th and my trip to New Jersey for a photo/video shoot, and then to Atlanta during the Nationals for more photo shoots.
November will be exciting and filled with fun..I am even planning on hooking up with Colette Nelson to train together while in Atlanta!
Those pics will be fun:)
Ahh but so much before then..Alyssa starts school in less than a month and the kids birthday party's, "Brownies" for Alyssa, Being room Mom again, My hubby resuming classes for the fire dept. 2 nights a week, and so much more...
The summer has been very busy with work for client load has increased quite a bit this year and I am on the go all the time. Alyssa has had an incredible summer..she has gotten to do so much!! Great America was really fun for them last weekend..she even went on her first big rollar coaster!! A week from 9-12:45 spent at Health World for the "Dinosaur" unit, play dates with friends, swmming in the pool, bike riding, slip & slide, our trip to the "Dells"..and on and on-
and her brother along for all of it..the terrible two's for him...he is into EVERYTHING!!
Got to run,