Thursday, September 29, 2005

Happy 100 th Birthday Lillian!!
On September 28th 1905 our neighbor, just 2 houses down, was born! The mother of 2 sons and 5 grandchildren (? great grandchildren & great-great grandchildren:).
She lost her husband just 5 months ago..he was just months from his 97th birthday!! Lillian's mother lived to be 101 and we came to0 find out
she is a lifelong Cubs fan:))
Yesturday, after picking Alyssa up from Brownies, my husband, I and our two children walked over with apple pie and ice cream to wish her a happy birthday. Her family had sent our flyers to invite the neighborhood over.
Let me just say the photograph below does her no justice! This woman's skin was more beautiful than mine has ever been!! She was sitting in a chair looking amazing! She was listening to all the conversations and when I knelt down to wish her a happy birthday she said thank you:)) Then as I began to take her picture with Alyssa she quickly leaned over and began to smile:)
My husband and I were both so inspired!
Everything she has seen and lived through..just think she was riding in a horse and buggy- before the automobile was invented, she was here for all the World Wars, so many years, so many things!!!!