Thursday, September 01, 2005

Health Tip of The Week...
A stroke occurs when oxygen fails to reach some part of the brain;

Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify.
Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster.
The stroke victim will suffer brain damage if people nearby
fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke, and take action.
A bystander can recognize a stroke by asking the victim
three simple questions:

*Ask the individual to SMILE.
*Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.
*Ask the person to SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE coherently (e.g. "It is sunny out today").

If he or she has trouble with ANY of these tasks,
call an ambulance (911)/a doctor/the hospital immediately
and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.
After discovering that a group of non-medical volunteers could identify facial weakness/arm weakness/and speech problems, researchers now urge the general public to learn the three questions. They presented their conclusions at the

American Stroke Association's annual meeting last February.
Widespread use of this test could result in prompt diagnosis and treatment
of the stroke and prevent brain damage.