Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Photographer's Ability To Capture The Moment...
Gene X. ....(www.orangeexposure.com)
known to so many competitors, athletes and clients as "Gene- the master eye behind the camera"...
has a unique gift for capturing the beauty before him.
I have had the privilage of working with him twice.
After seeing stage shots he took of me at the Jr. Nationals I contacted him when I was pregnant with our son about doing a pregnancy shoot.
6 1/2 months pregnant, I walked into the Jr. Nationals in Chicago...
quite humbling yes:)
But he did what I had hoped..he captured what I felt!
Then 7 months after having Wade I did an off season shoot with him for Fbbworld. Even in off season shape the pics were great. I am looking forward to a contest shoot next year with this incredible artist!
Here are a few pics of him..just doing his thing:)
Hats off to Gene!