Friday, October 28, 2005

What A Surprise!
The promoter for the show I am guest posing at Nov. 12th, Kevin Noble,
e-mailed me last night. He sent me a copy of what will be printed on the t-shirts given to all the athletes and sponsors at the competition.
I was shocked and extreemly flattered...what an honor;) sister's comment...
"My God!! You 're A t-shirt!" LOL...I knew I could count on entertaining her. LOL!
Michelle you don't know this yet;) but my guest posing idea comes from the fun we had as kids..way back in California..I'll never forget all we laughed about and share!
And the theme for the show...
"Beginnings...the beginning of what is to come?? Maybe a forshadowing..LOL! Kevin, thank you once again for the opportunity to reach so many people and to do what I love...performing and inspiring people's lives...
This was my dream as a perform and inspire as a dancer..well bodybuilding is a bit different but I'm still livin' the dream!
thank you to everyone who has helped this come true...
Mom & Dad, My husband Michael, my sister & Lucas, my brother, my friends, my clients, my webmasters, my children, Jeff Johnson
and Kevin Noble- thanks for taking a chance on me!!!:)
I posted a long journal entrty in my members area for what's been going on in my life these days and my exciting plans in Atlanta for nationals!!!