Friday, December 30, 2005

Steps To Success
Personal Training/ Coaching

Business is Booming!!
Wow...this is turning out to be a HUGE year and the New Year has still yet to begin:)
I have aquired several new clients recently and I am currently training several for competitions. In addition, I am in the process of forming May's 2006 "Team Abrams".
-"Jen" is the middle weight and masters division competitor I am
preparing for the April 1st 2006 Ottawa

Team Abrams- May 6th 2006

-"John" super heavyweight and masters division competitor- Team Abrams

-"Kelly"(my dear friend) heavy weight division competitor- Team Abrams

-"Edith" figure competitor- Team Abrams

-"Kim" heavy weight competitor- Team Abrams

- "Jen" middle weight competitor- also may decide to be part of the Team after Ottawa.

"Karen" (my friend from way before bodybuilding:) heavyweight competitor- Team Abrams

Karen was part of the 2005 'Team Abrams" -Overall Winning Team!
That gives me LOTS to do up to and during my own prep. for Team Universe and juggling my other in home clients. I am excited many dreams to come true for so many!!
And I have been asked to be part of the Journey...
the good, the bad, and the ugly!
And let me tell ya- competition prep gets UGLY!!!
I am honored!
Speaking of which...
The 2005 Goddess of the Year honor is being given to ME this year. I just finished writing a little something for the feature and I will attach the link for all of you to see when it posts the middle of Janurary.
Thanks Andy..for coming all the way from Germany for a photo shoot
and for thinking so highly of me!
The Team Universe that I am competing at this year has been changed from August to July 14-15th. It will still take place in New York though. I am actually very happy with the change! It fits better with all the other exciting things happening this summer I will share next month with all of you! My Feb. 26th Birthday will be my last big harrah, so- to- speak,
before dieting begins...
So my dancing friends out there (MOM, Kelly, Lauren, Jack, Karen)..mark your calendars..
we are going out!!