Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm Beat!
Hey there:) Just stopping by to fill you in on the last few days...
First, my little guy came down with a chest cold on Wed. and started with a fever today. He was so snuggly tonight but feeling so yucky....he just ate popsicles and cuddled with me when I got home from my appointments.

Yesturday, after a morning appointment with a client, I went to the funeral service for my long-time friend's dad. Karen has been in my life for such a long time that she seems like extended family. She is one of toughest people I know though..when she called me on Saturday with the news about her dad I was the one crying and trying to sound together on the phone. She was part of Team Abrams in 2005 when we won the Team Trophy. I am still hoping she decides to be part of Team Abrams 2006. I know the focus would help her..she has always done very well in life when focused on a goal:) Only time will tell.......

Which brings me to today..
after cuddling with Wade for a bit I got Alyssa off to school ..the mad morning rush!! Aghhh you should see what a crazy person I am trying to get her out the she's brushing her teeth I have her jumping up and down to get into her snow pants- to catch the bus....quite the comic strip..LOL!
Then a ran to the store for Wade who needed some popsicles and toast before meeting clients.
My husband was off from carpentry work all week except for Monday, due to a delay on his project, so it was nice that Wade was able to stay with daddy so I could still make the funeral and my appointments. Otherwise I would have had to cancel everything.
He's such a great father!..and I'm not just saying that! He makes everything fun for them! It makes it easier for me to leave the kids when they are sick becauise I know they are with daddy. It took time for me to give up my selfish parent issues that I had with Alyssa...she went everywhere with me..we were always together...things have changed over time...things have a way of evolving and shifting..we share the roles of provider and caretaker...I like it..I really do..we each get to be part of both. We miss time together, especially since I need my muscle recovery sleep and he doesn't sleep as much as I do..:))) but I always find a way to make time somehow:)
Ok..back to today...
so after the store I met with "Kim", another member of Team Abrams 2006 and we trained legs! Ohh yahhh I felt that and so did she:)
I am very pleased with where she's at and I know you all will be too...
(she is 14 weeks out )-

After spending 2 hours with, practicing posiong, going over diet changes, taking pics I drove over an hour to meet "Jennie"- another member of the Team. I trained chest with her and then made my way home for a quick snuggle with my very sicky baby boy and then had to go jogging with my local client that I meet two evenings a week.
Now...the lactic acid is settling and I am feeling that wonderful HEAVY sentation in my chest, shoulders and entire lower body:)) AHHH I feel my protein shake, itallian beef & tomato pizza and chicken noodle soup going to the rescue;) Ohh and my ice cream too;)) Hey I still have 4 more weeks to live like a normal person and I plan to do just that..very happily:)
I know my son is going to be up tonight...his fever was up there when he went to bed and kids' fevers always spike through the night! it's matter how deep asleep I am if he wakes up I instantly hear him..Michael doesn't know's just a special language from God...that only mom's can hear;) and my kids NEVER wake up in the night! they both slept though the night right away..Alyssa the day she came home from the hospital..Wade about 3 weeks after he came home...I got them on my scheduile right away because I need my sleep or I can't function. They both have always napped too...wonderful thing:))
Evan- one of you:) knows how much I love to catch an afternoon nap..he seems to always e-mail me just as I am getting ready to close my eyes for an hour:)
well, I have talked your ear off and now it's time for me to get Alyssa in bed and gety some sleep myself..especuially if Wade wakes in the night.
Just one appointment tomorow morning and then I will probably take him to the doctor to make sure there isn't an infection in his ears or something needing antiobiotics. With the fever I know there's something going on.
if that is..I can get out of bed..LOL..Journey To Pro Quality...whoooahhh..then maybe it will be time for other avenues to be explored.....
Se ya..