Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Time is Quickly Approaching...
To begin my contest preparations for 2006. I have been so busy with new clients this off-season that my time to recharge has passed more quickly than expected! My Christmas & New Years was wonderful...such great memories and fun with our kids and famies! I find myself struggling a bit, " to put the match to the stove" inorder to begin my preparations. Concentrating on all my clients competing has left me a bit wiped out for my own. I am morning what I will be giving up over the next 5 months and finding it more difficult than last year to "put my gloves back on, to get back in the ring".
Our son has grown past the terrible two stage and is just the most amazing little boy! His intelligence and wonder for the world around him is unbelievable.
Just last night I was upfront with a client about our meeting time...it was just too much on the kids and I! Trying to drop Alyssa at gymnastics, Wade not wanting to go, meet with her (focusing on her completly), shifting gears..racing back to pick up Alyssa and always being late getting to both places. The knot in my stomach, twice a week, the past month each week just became too much! I also decided I wanted to help with my daughter's Girl Scout cookie sales program and last night was the night to collect all the forms from everyone. It was just so hectic from the moment Alyssa walked through the door from school until we got home at 9 pm.
Yes, I have always had a problem taking on too much!;)
In college and before, it was fine, because I work very well under pressure but..and the big but...only when it's just me. When I add other people into the formula it just becomes overwhelming.
I suppose I just want too much...
My career, and to be exceptional at what I do!
The mother to my children that I had ...because she was there for everything!
An Athlete, that not only performs well...but pushes people to find their passions in life!
And..who could forget being a wife to my husband!!...which I don't always do a very good job of because I spread myself so thin.
Soo, as my prep. time approached rapidly...I am not only looking at airline tickets to New York ( for Michael and I alone;), and the possibility to compete in Spain... (what a trip that would be for Michael and I:))...but also visiting the Disney World website frequently...beacuse I want so badly to take the kids to Disney for their birthdays..just 3 days apart in September! I am saving a little each week and hopefully I will have enough to do it..if not, there will be next year I suppose.

I have stuck to my New Years Resolution!!
To become more organized with my business and finacial affairs as well as my car and laundry ...ok- well laundry still needs help..but noone is perfect..LOL:)
Balence ..always life's challenge...
there is so much I want to do, but at what price..it's always the delema...
So many things in my mind right now. Time will unfold the direction I go with it all.
I know my plan for 2006...I also know what I would like to do next...
You will all find out in good time...