Friday, March 31, 2006

Jennie's Big Day!!
My client "Jennie" is competing tomorrow in Ottawa, IL! I have been working with her for almost 4 months now with every detail relating to this competition!
Weight Training with her twice a week, meeting for posing practice once a week, her diet, cardio guidence/ instructions, choreographing her routine and then the "dialing in" for show day!
She has a bit more water to loose and some carbing up to do but I would like you all to see the incredible transformation that took place over the past 3 months...
The first pic is from 12 weeks out...the second from this morning...there are more posted to my members journal.
I am so proud of you Jennifer Nichols, you will shine so brightly tomorrow!
I hope this journey has taught you many things about yourself...I hope you have grown from what you have experienced and you never, ever forget how hard you worked for this.
You will never be the same after this journey! I hope you also remember who you are within...and never allow the external image or "other people's" reactions to your external self cloud the real "you". can i not mention 'Chris", your husband that got you through it for you, shopping for you, video taping, taking pictures, helping you practice!
Chris, you have played such a HUGE role in this...I hope you know that!!
As for tomorrow...I will be there every step of the way, to make sure everything is
'perrfect' and every detail remembered!
I told you I would give you 110%!!... that is what I always do!!