Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Well, Well...
What I've been up to...
where do I begin- let's start with my clients;) A woman that I have been working with since Janurary has reached her goal of running an hour straight on her own! She contacted me to coach her through the winter so that come spring she would be running the entire hour using her very own self motivation..and she's done it! I have to say what an inspiration she has been to me and to my other clients...not only did she come to me in the dead of winter wanting to run outside 3 nights a week...but never once did she give up or not follow through with our plan for her. Karen I will miss you, but more importantly I am sooo extreemly proud of you- as you should be of yourself!!
My contest prep. clients are all doing incredibly well...Jen is preparing for the M.I.C. in Ottawa,IL and is just 2 weeks away from competition
...this girl- who has never competed before- is going to win her class...mark my words!
John and Kim who have 7 weeks until the All Natural in Belvedere, IL

individuals...each time I see them I see the pride in their eyes and the focus that comes with believing in your abilities! Kim just arrived back home from "Phat Camp" with Fitness Pro Jen from camp will be part of her progress update this week in my members area.
Jen, John and Kim...Team Abrams 2006 at the All Natural
will be the Team Winners...mark my words!
As for me..17 weeks out from the Team U where I will be of Pro Quality!! Whether I will be the best that day is yet to be seen ...but I will be worthy of pro status no matter what!
All my elements are in place and my progress is heavy, cardio- intense and my diet (always the hardest element!).
I am just home from the gym and taking Wade swimming..oh my God was he just the energizer bunny in the pool...I think I smiled and laughed the entire time we were there! Now, I'm off to a field trip with Alyssa and her Brownie troop to the animal hospital. I'm almost done delivering all those Girl Scout cookies too!
Got to run..more fun info. to share later....

Got to get corned beef for Friday..this Irish girl is making it for St Patrick's Day, of course:))