Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Few Of The Parts...Which Make Up The Whole...

Abs- 11.5 weeks out

The back I've built after having Wade:)
Jen, John, Kim and Cordula are doing fabulous!!! I have been in contact or seeing each of them on almost a daily basis and today is a great day for all:))
Wow... what pride it gives me to see 4 incredible people (athletes) reach their destination!
they are all pleased with where they are, kicking their own butts this week, and soo excited for next Saturday!
At this point I think I will be on such a high watching all of them that I will have troubvle fighting back my emotions..but hell bring um Coach Jen will be wiping tears from her face while yelling feedback and encouragement during manditories!!

I do it all with them ya know...the emotional journey...I take it all on... The weight of so many is sometimes exhausting and at other times more exhillerating than you can imagine....
God I love what I do! What a blessing to make such a diference!!

As for goal was to attend my clients' competition with the conditioning level capable of winning the show...I am just about there and by next week I should have reached that land mark for be where I need to be for an overall win in New York..I HAVE to!
My new desk is amazing!!!
I love everything about it and I am sooo greatful to my client, Robbin for soo generously giving it to me in exchange for only 4 personal training sessions!
Incredibly motivating to feel like such a super star at my new desk:)
Super Star.....right Michael!! LOL!! Inside joke!:)
Quote For Today...
True Friendship-
"Oh the comfort,
the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person,
having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words,
but pouring them all right out, just as they are --
chaff and grain together --
certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them,
keep what is worth keeping, and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away."
~~Dinah Mulock

Kelly, thank you for this...I will always be here for you:)!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

My Very Rewarding/ Non- Stop Weekend...

Two, of many, incredible girls I had the privilage of Guest Speaking for on Saturday, in Rockford. They surprised me by wearing my t-shirts from Guest Posing:)
I gave Tabatha her T-shirt when she came to see me perform in November with her grandfather..WAY TO GO Girls...Sooo PROUD OF YOU BOTH!!

Beginning with reading a very emotional paper I wrote about my struggles as a young teen...

Getting ready to show one of my routine clips

And of course.."via request" a little posing for everyone:)

My Mom and I acting like little afternoon without children can do that to you..thank you so much Michael for my time without the kids this weekend..really nice to go shopping alone with my mom;)

yep, me eating mom laughed so hard when she saw that plastic container filled with chicken, steak, sweet pot, tortilla/ spinich and eggs come out of my car...lots of meals mom!!

Kim and I messin' around taking a few pictures..after training 2 in-home clients and working with all of Team Abrams on posing and their routines today

"The Man" Colin...he is once again assisting Pradel Productions this year for the May 6th show..quite the bodybuilding fan he is! The Guest Posing t-shirts were a popular item this weekend I guess:))

Alyssa getting her picture with the very talented girl who played "Peter Pan" in the play we went to see this afternoon together;)

Taking time to "smell the flowers" on the way home from seeing "Peter Pan" this afternoon.

Alyssa loves tulips!

little monkey:)

And a picture for me too...

Artistic pic #2

Yep..eating again..Grilling up my steak tonight-good for 2 meals tonight and one for tomorow.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend...

Our little bunnies:))

Daddy with his little princess and little dude:)

Mommy and her babies:)

We snapped 4 pictures outside before it started to down pour;) so we finished inside...

running in after the rain started...

My MOMMY!!!:)

My Grandparents...who just recently celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary!!!

Meeting with a new client to assist her with posing and stage presentation on Sat. after the egg hunt. Cordula will also be competing May 6th in Belvedere.

the 7: 30 am Easter egg hunt (race;) at Dominick's on Saturday...

coloring Easter eggs...

13 weeks out this year...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Blessed Easter Sunday To All of You!

This week's member's gallery "The Gift of Life"
6 1/2 months pregnant with our son.

Friday, April 14, 2006

My Time Spent Outside of Training
Myself & My Clients This Week;

Getting ready to break in the "slip & slide" for the first time this year:)

Alyssa bikeriding today at the woods...almost 4 miles- way to go Alyssa:)

Rollarblading today with the kids:)

The Daddy/ Daughter Dance last Saturday!!

The egg races at the park on friend Dana and her baby girl Carmela were able to come!

The Egg race at the park;)

Playtime after training clients on Sunday..

Wade's 1st Motorcycle ride around the block!

Big Dude & Little dude:)

A ride for Both kids around the block:)
Words For Today...
Sent by one of my members...





Saturday, April 08, 2006

Inspiration For All...
Today's writing selection is from the heart & soul of the woman
I admire most in this mother!

The Winds Of Change
Standing silent, aware of the quiet,
Intently listening to the sound of it.
Feeling the wind across my face,
Eyeing the trees as they sway backward and forward
One is never prepared, never aware
Of what is waiting in the distance
Until the monstrous cloud appears.
The turmoil change brings, the unknown
The pleasure of it, the horror of it
The challenge is now as no other choice appears.
One must prepare to move through the monstrocity of a cloud.
There are other roads, other paths perhaps untouched,
Which need to be part of the solution.
The resolution comes slowly,
Day by day, night after night
In the distance a bright light shines
I grasp it, I cling to it. I treasure it
I feel the wind against my face
And again I watch the trees swaying backward and forward.
And once again, just as night follows day…..
The Winds Of Change have returned

Author: Cindy Reilly (My Mom!)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cheers To 66 Years!!
Happy 66th Wedding Anniversary to my grandparents..WOW!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tonight after kickboxing...
Quote For Today...
"Having fun is not a diversion from a successful life;
it is the pathway to it."
— Martha Beck

Last night after getting Wade out of the bathtub...snuggling him tight in my arms and twirling him around to the music playing on the sterio...I just couldn't help but feel like the luckiest person on earth...there is so much joy in the simple pleasures. Again today as I pushed Wade on the swings at the park, on our way home from the gym, he laughed that beautiful belly laugh..eyes to the sun, his face a glow...God- does it really get any better than that..I just don't think so!:)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The 2006 M.I.C- Ottawa, IL...
Jennie Nichols You Were Fabulous!!
What a Day! I left the house at 7:15 am and didn't get home until after 3 am due to the 2 hour drive and 1 hour "sping ahead" with the clocks;)
What can I say...Jen- you were classy, confident, beautiful and soo polished!
Your first competition..what a should be so proud of yourself!

Jen placed 3rd in the middle weight class and 5th in the masters (35 and older class). She was exceptional on stage and was, without question, in the best condition of her life!
As her "coach & trainer" I need to pay attention to all the details of her posing and symetry, body position..ext, ext..but for that breif moment when she first began posing during the masters class my eyes filled up with tears and I had to take a deep breath...she was just so beautiful up there and I was so proud of her!
I KNOW how hard this girl worked and I also understand from my years of preping others
how my husband feels about bodybuilding....
The entire "judging process" of the competition- even though you may be your own best, in a competition the judges are deciding who is the best that day based on many factors which relate to bodybuilding.
When you watch someone work from day #1 to get to that day and then they don't get the place they feel they deserve..(everyone feels they deserve 1st!...and on their own terms they do!!)- it's hard to see the dissappointment for that brief moment..because they allow that stupid number to take away their feeling of complete achievement-

Jen..reguardless of your were fabulous and you were stunning! You had the best symetry and stage presence of any female competitor on stage and I am honored to have worked so hard with you over the past 4 months!!
YOU ARE A WINNER there is no question!!
There was a lot of mature muscle in her classes and that is one aspect of bodybuilding that is very important.
To view Jen (Jennie Nichols) performing the posing routine I choreographed for her visit; and click on "View M.I.C. posing routines" at the top of the page.

I was expediting backstage for the prejudging and the evening finals so I helped almost every female bodybuilder and figure competitor apply their oil. I was running around like a crazy girl back stage trying to roll on "sticky buns" so there were no moving suit bootoms;0 and then helping with oil and tying suits. It was a lot of fun to help out!!
I was then able to be there for Jen as well for every bit of her pre- stage time.
With oil still on my hands... I was running from behind stage, out from the curtain, to the audience to see Jen do her manditories during prejudging..LOL..I'm sure that will make for great footage in my documentary ha..:)

I also presented the women's heavy weight trophy and the women's overall trophy- to light weight competitor Paige...her words to me backstage after winning, made me feel so proud of where I have brought my career...she was so elated and happy...the best day of her life next to her wedding:) she said...she also said that I had been such an inspiration to her for so long, and that she had my picture on her screen saver for the past 3 months!
I am still so amazed at how powerful of an impact you can make in people's lives without even meeting...I was so proud of sooo many things at that moment!!
Thank you for that Paige..thank you soo very much!!
A tun of pics below and more in my members journal:)

You Are A Champion Jen!

From backstage..Jen just about to recieve her masters class award.

Jeff & Anne Johnson- the husband and wife duo who own Flex Gym and are the promotors of the show. They have both been so wonderful to me! I thank you both!!

Jen on stage for the masters division- 35 and older...she is standing next to the winner of the class who also placed 2nd in the middle weights...she looked great.

So polished Jen:)


Yahhhh you made it!

Hummer pics:)

Jen & Jen

Jen & Jen for more "Hummer" pics:)- yes..there is a 40 lb. difference between us:)