Sunday, April 02, 2006

The 2006 M.I.C- Ottawa, IL...
Jennie Nichols You Were Fabulous!!
What a Day! I left the house at 7:15 am and didn't get home until after 3 am due to the 2 hour drive and 1 hour "sping ahead" with the clocks;)
What can I say...Jen- you were classy, confident, beautiful and soo polished!
Your first competition..what a should be so proud of yourself!

Jen placed 3rd in the middle weight class and 5th in the masters (35 and older class). She was exceptional on stage and was, without question, in the best condition of her life!
As her "coach & trainer" I need to pay attention to all the details of her posing and symetry, body position..ext, ext..but for that breif moment when she first began posing during the masters class my eyes filled up with tears and I had to take a deep breath...she was just so beautiful up there and I was so proud of her!
I KNOW how hard this girl worked and I also understand from my years of preping others
how my husband feels about bodybuilding....
The entire "judging process" of the competition- even though you may be your own best, in a competition the judges are deciding who is the best that day based on many factors which relate to bodybuilding.
When you watch someone work from day #1 to get to that day and then they don't get the place they feel they deserve..(everyone feels they deserve 1st!...and on their own terms they do!!)- it's hard to see the dissappointment for that brief moment..because they allow that stupid number to take away their feeling of complete achievement-

Jen..reguardless of your were fabulous and you were stunning! You had the best symetry and stage presence of any female competitor on stage and I am honored to have worked so hard with you over the past 4 months!!
YOU ARE A WINNER there is no question!!
There was a lot of mature muscle in her classes and that is one aspect of bodybuilding that is very important.
To view Jen (Jennie Nichols) performing the posing routine I choreographed for her visit; and click on "View M.I.C. posing routines" at the top of the page.

I was expediting backstage for the prejudging and the evening finals so I helped almost every female bodybuilder and figure competitor apply their oil. I was running around like a crazy girl back stage trying to roll on "sticky buns" so there were no moving suit bootoms;0 and then helping with oil and tying suits. It was a lot of fun to help out!!
I was then able to be there for Jen as well for every bit of her pre- stage time.
With oil still on my hands... I was running from behind stage, out from the curtain, to the audience to see Jen do her manditories during prejudging..LOL..I'm sure that will make for great footage in my documentary ha..:)

I also presented the women's heavy weight trophy and the women's overall trophy- to light weight competitor Paige...her words to me backstage after winning, made me feel so proud of where I have brought my career...she was so elated and happy...the best day of her life next to her wedding:) she said...she also said that I had been such an inspiration to her for so long, and that she had my picture on her screen saver for the past 3 months!
I am still so amazed at how powerful of an impact you can make in people's lives without even meeting...I was so proud of sooo many things at that moment!!
Thank you for that Paige..thank you soo very much!!
A tun of pics below and more in my members journal:)