Saturday, April 08, 2006

Inspiration For All...
Today's writing selection is from the heart & soul of the woman
I admire most in this mother!

The Winds Of Change
Standing silent, aware of the quiet,
Intently listening to the sound of it.
Feeling the wind across my face,
Eyeing the trees as they sway backward and forward
One is never prepared, never aware
Of what is waiting in the distance
Until the monstrous cloud appears.
The turmoil change brings, the unknown
The pleasure of it, the horror of it
The challenge is now as no other choice appears.
One must prepare to move through the monstrocity of a cloud.
There are other roads, other paths perhaps untouched,
Which need to be part of the solution.
The resolution comes slowly,
Day by day, night after night
In the distance a bright light shines
I grasp it, I cling to it. I treasure it
I feel the wind against my face
And again I watch the trees swaying backward and forward.
And once again, just as night follows day…..
The Winds Of Change have returned

Author: Cindy Reilly (My Mom!)