Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jen, John, Kim and Cordula are doing fabulous!!! I have been in contact or seeing each of them on almost a daily basis and today is a great day for all:))
Wow... what pride it gives me to see 4 incredible people (athletes) reach their destination!
they are all pleased with where they are, kicking their own butts this week, and soo excited for next Saturday!
At this point I think I will be on such a high watching all of them that I will have troubvle fighting back my emotions..but hell bring um Coach Jen will be wiping tears from her face while yelling feedback and encouragement during manditories!!

I do it all with them ya know...the emotional journey...I take it all on... The weight of so many is sometimes exhausting and at other times more exhillerating than you can imagine....
God I love what I do! What a blessing to make such a diference!!

As for goal was to attend my clients' competition with the conditioning level capable of winning the show...I am just about there and by next week I should have reached that land mark for be where I need to be for an overall win in New York..I HAVE to!
My new desk is amazing!!!
I love everything about it and I am sooo greatful to my client, Robbin for soo generously giving it to me in exchange for only 4 personal training sessions!
Incredibly motivating to feel like such a super star at my new desk:)
Super Star.....right Michael!! LOL!! Inside joke!:)