Sunday, May 07, 2006

Making Deams Come True!
The 2006 Grand Prix Natural Bodybuilding & Womens Figure Championships was yesturday...."Team Abrams" reached their destination!!
The "Journey" began 16 weeks ago with John, Jen, Kim and Edith and included Cordula and Carlos for the final week of prep. (Edith found another individual to aid in her second half of prep and chose to compete on her own for the show- she did an amazing job yeterday and looked outstanding at prejudging. She also should be very proud of the changes she made from her first competition..what a difference-Wow!;)
As for my team, these 5 incredible people have given more to me over the past 4 months than I can even begin to explain.
Several days of very little sleep and a very late night for the BIG EVENT I am quite overcome with emotion today...
then after returning home with the kids this afternoon I opened an email from John that just toped it all off for me.
I will share a small piece from his letter;

"Wow...what an experience!!!
At 41 I really thought I was past the point where fundamental changes in my life were possible. Then I met you.
The transformation which you made in me was truly from head to toe
but the most significant part of that change was between my ears.
Listening to you and simply observing the way in which you treat yourself
and those you come in contact with makes it impossible for me
to ever find the justification for being negative or hiding behind a feeling that something
"can't be done".
For those gifts I am eternally grateful...."

Then there was a letter from Kim a few days before the show...

" I wanted to say THANK YOU for all you've done,
all you've been and all you will be!
You have such a special way of touching peoples lives,
I am so lucky to have been one of them you touched.
Please know you have done so much for me and my self esteem and for that gift I will be forever grateful.
I know it has taken some time, but I can finally look in the mirror this weekend and 'see' things I've never been able to 'see' before,
it goes so far beyond just that physical person staring back at me from the mirror,
its the difference in the inner person too.
You have given me the ability to know that right now I am the best I can be,
for this project, in this moment in time.
You have given me the strength, hope and courage to be able to be ok with that.
To know that next time I will be even stronger and more courageous..."

John, Jen, Kim, Cordula and Carlos...
I am Sooo proud of each of you, I hope the memories of this event and what you have learned reside with you always!
Over 500 photos were taken from yesterday's event!!! They will all be posted to my members area over the next week or two...they are really something to go back and see where they each started and where they each stood for their destination.
This week they will each begin to think about the goals for the future..I am proud to announce I will remain a part of all they goals and dreams;)
During the events of the day, Karen, Jill and I visited together and had a fantastic time..thank you both for making the day so much fun for me!! I also want to thank my dear friend Kelly who came with Christine, a client I worked with several years ago, for driving so far to cheer on john, Jen, Kim Cordula and Carlos. Kelly I thank you also for what you asked of me in the future...I am soo honored and proud to be part of your future happiness:)
Then..Karen said something to me yesterday that didn't quite settle in until today...

"You make people's deams come true"....

And what an AWESOME experience that is!!!!!!