Friday, May 05, 2006

For "Team Abrams"- May 2006!!!

Kim, John, Jen, Cordula and Carlos...all 5 of you are going to be Dynamite tomorrow!!
This week as been quite a doozy!! My training suffered this week with all that needed to be done for my clients, but after tomorrow I will have my last 10 weeks to get EXACTLY where I want to be for New York...GOD how I'm looking forward to this adventure!!

I still have so much to do should be interresting getting it all finished!! A lot has been happening with my business too...I will expand on that topic after my clients compete:) There are big things to come for "Steps To Success- Personal Training & Coaching"!

Well I better get some rest, I have a tun to do and not enough hours to do it:)
Alyssa's "Sock Hop" is tomorrow night also for we will be twirling the night away in poodle skirts and scarves before I even get to Saturday's Super Day!!
I'm SOOO Blessed!!:)))

A few pics after tonight's workout with Karen....what a great time! 6 months out Karen...
and You will be part of "Team Abrams - November 2006"!!

10 weeks to go!! I'm on my way.......