Monday, June 12, 2006

4 Weeks and 5 Days...
Yes, the countdown continues:) In less than 5 weeks I will be in New York competing!
I am focused and doing well- my physique is changing daily....
Now that I have ventured into single digits with my body composition, my focus intensifies...things seem within my reach and the top of this moutain I have been climbing over the past 11 months is near.
Yes it has been that long that I have had my eye on this show. After competing 3 times last year a trip to New York for a 4th competition was just too much for my family and myself..hence the decision to make the Team U my entire focus this year's competitive season.

Balencing everything is sometimes very challenging and at times I am resorting to creative measures. Friday night as my hubby and kids ate pizza and we all watched a family movie I rode my spin bike in front of the T.V.- "Eye on the ball"-
Then Saturday after spending the day at my husband's friends' house for their daughter's graduation party and getting home late I was left with a 9:30- 10:30 pm. trip to the gym for back training and to go through some posing. "Eye on the ball"-
Very strict dietary planning at this point as well.."Eye on the ball"-

We have been doing a lot of work on our house which has made my prep. more challenging also, but I now have a count of 7 clients who will be part of "Team Abrams- November 11th"!
Very exciting and I will have a lot of work ahead so getting our studio up and running will make prep for all 7 clients much more convienient for all of us!
We moved our son's room, re-painted his old room (covering the Lion King artwork and painting I did;( My hubby felt bad about painting over my work too...but it's time we had an office together instead of being on seperate levels of the huse when we are both doing computer work late at night. It will be nice to be able to visit while we are each working on our individual projects.
The wood floor looks great after being sanded down. It now needs to be primed and sealed.
To make all of our remodeling very inexpensive we do it all ourselves...and yes my husband usually gets the brunt of it but I am trying very hard to keep making the time to work on our project every opportunity we are bth available to work on it...even if it means training very early or very late...making time for everyone and everything ...and my husband and kids come priorities are obvious even with less than 5 weeks to go!

My members know about the struggles our family has been going through since May...
I will say this.. my husband's family is remarkable! The way they pull together through adversity and how they each share the incredible gift of remaining positive and laughing at life renews my spirit and makes me realize how fortunate I am to have each one of them in my life.
There will be many more ups and downs to come but I am certain of this...
My husband's family will get through it together...and even when the most difficult times arise they will each have the ability to smile, laugh and lift oneanother up!

I have 2 photophoots on Friday. One at the Jr. Nationals in the a.m. and then another backdrop shoot locally. So I will have more great gallery pics for my members area.
I will also be attending the Friday pre-judging at the Jr. Nationals.
Next Saturday I will be shooting gym footage at "Flex Gym" in Ottawa for my documentary, , which I am very much looking forward to.
Of course there is also Father's Day fun in between and my sister's baby shower so I will be on the go non- stop as I fit everything in and we continue our gym renovation work!

Great progress pics posted last night to my members area..I'm pleased- my hamstrings and glutes are the last to be ready for a contest and they are right on target:))
Off to train and take the kids swimming. Then more work on our house and training tonight with my that's fun;)
Keep smiling's a beautiful day!!