Tuesday, June 13, 2006

There Truely Is Nothing More Important
Than How You Make Others Feel....
A client and friend of mine sent me this letter today and I wanted to share it with all of you because it had a tramendous impact on me....
making a diference in people's lives is what I wanted out of my career all along!

"I caught up on your journal…wow, just 4 weeks away – I’m so excited for you.
I truly wish I was able to be there to watch you shine on stage at Team U.
Just thinking of what you have accomplished in the past year that I’ve known you gets me choked up with happiness, pride, and excitement for you all at the same time.

You’re energized optimism, passion, and drive is intoxicating.
Intoxicating in a good way,
meaning that people get pumped or “high on life” per se, just by your actions –
you are so motivating and inspiring.
I’m grateful for bumping into you at the gym last spring.
Although I have very different goals, it is you’re success and your support in others that continually motivates me to hit the gym when I’d rather sulk
that I haven’t made the progress I wanted or I have a long way to go to my goal.

I’m not a very impressionable person, I like to say I march to the beat of my own drum
and do my own thing.
But I have to say, you have left me with a lasting impression of how successful one can be,
that I can and will succeed and to have faith in myself-
I can do it, whatever it is!

Well, I hope you are feeling as great as you are looking, I know it gets tougher each week.
Hang in there, the troops are rallying behind you!"